Our Success Stories 



"Dr. Jen adjusted me through my entire pregnancy, making delivery a breeze! She’s absolutely amazing!"

-Paula M. 


"I always thought chiropractors were only in case of an injury.This doctor has changed my life. And guess what-I can dance so much better now! These hips don't lie"

-Dulce B. 


"I have seen Dr. Jen for about four years and during that time have recommended her to many others. Every time I visit, I am seen within one minute (even if I come to my appointment early) and greeted by the always friendly front desk staff. Dr. Jen has great bedside manner and is always professional. She is knowledgeable and listens to my concerns. When I first started coming, she went out to my car to look at my seating and made some suggestions which have helped with my posture. When I first started coming to see her, I had daily headaches. Within a few weeks my headaches disappeared and monthly maintenance have kept them at bay. I currently live 30 minutes away from her but refuse to see any other chiropractor. I will be sad to leave Dr. Jen when I move to another state and have to start over on my chiropractor search. Before you go to any other chiropractor, see Dr. Jen"

-Amy S. 


"Been going here for years, off and on. About 2 years ago I had an at home 
injury that put me in bed for 3 weeks. Couldn't drive, or walk, or sleep laying down. Finally got smart, realized it wasn't gonna work itself out, and saw Dr. Jen three times a week and she worked it out of my system and I was back to normal in a month! Now I see her on the regular, to keep feeling healthy and sleep better! And I don't have the back pain I used to just "deal with." I've recommended this office, to anyone I know who needs Chiro care."

-Shannon F. 


"My family Loves Dr Jen.  They are caring and joyful people that take the time to get to know their clients. I always feel that they want nothing but the best care for me and my family. They call to see if we need to come in for an adjustment, they have even stayed late to accommodate my schedule as an RN for a  hospital, which as we know is somewhat of a long day and that means after 7pm most of the time.  My son recently had surgery on his hip and Dr. Jen was able to do treatment on his hip right after the surgery to expedite healing. I don't know what we would do if they weren't there anymore. Thanks Dr Jen and Becca for caring for us as individuals and meeting our needs as patients, not just looking for the next paycheck."

-Debbie S.


"Our family has been seeing Dr. Jen for over 3 years.  During this time we've grown from a family of 5 to a family of 6.  I had never received chiropractic care during my first 3 pregnancies, but what a difference it made during my 4th!  The delivery was quick and easy and the entirety of my pregnancy was much more enjoyable thanks to Dr. Jen's knowledgeable care. Dr. Jen is so great with our kids! Our son has been seeing her since he was only a few months old. He's now 16 months old and gets excited when we pull in to the office! He knows he's going to feel so much better when we are done. My 6 & 4 year olds also love seeing Dr. Jen. She is knowledgeable, caring, and takes time for each of her patients."

-Dana M. 


Dr. Jen is Awesome! My 2-year old was a preemie baby. He was delivered 6 weeks early. Although it was a natural birth the M.D. (Medical Doctor) delivering him had his head cranked the wrong way, opposite to the curve of his spine. I told the M.D. that he was turned the other way, then she turned his head and he came right out. He had many ailments that were eased greatly by Dr. Jen's adjustments. My 4-year old was born after 57 hours of labor and had a pointed head. After Dr. Jen adjusted him and the plates in his head, he was fine.

-James S.

I started to get dizzy spells when I first started chiropractic care. Dr. Jen recommended I go back to see my cardiologist, and he took me off my blood pressure medicine. I no longer need it with chiropractic care.

-Marcela U.

"I went to Dr. Jen for low back pain, hip pain and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I feel so much better when I get adjusted. My IBS is mostly under control. I have been much healthier since I have seen Dr. Jen. I haven't felt this good in years. She is great. She takes the time to answer my questions and she listens to me. We also bring our kids to Dr. Jen because we know it can help with their immune system and it has. They have been so healthy since seeing a D.C.(Doctor of Chiropractic). If a friend or family member were looking for a Chiropractor I would say go see her. She is wonderful and you can benefit from it (Chiropractic) greatly. She will spend the time with you that you need to get well."

- Amy H.

Dear Dr Jen: Before the cold laser therapy I had a tremendous amount of pain in my chest and I am extremely suseptible to bronchial infections including pneumonia. Since using the laser therapy I have been able to avoid any infections during my worst times of year, thanks to the cold laser therapy.On occassion where i have injured myself ie: arm or leg etc and it has been used, i feel greatly improved within 1 quick treatment.The laser therapy has been a life saver for me and I love it.Thank you for having it available.

- Collette B.

I was in a motorcycle accident and dislocated 4 of my ribs. Dr. Jen used cold laser therapy on me and in just 3 treatments I had absolutely zero rib pain!

- Ann N.


I brought my 5 1/2 year old in because she had been having horrible B.M. problems- backed up/ accidents daily. After a few adjustments, the accidents became fewer & farther in between. After three weeks, she is completely out of pull ups!!

- Kara G.

I've been a chiropractic patient for as long as I can remember, and once I moved to Arizona I needed to find a new chiro. I consulted with two other Chiropractors before choosing Dr. Jen , she'll be my new life-long chiropractor.

-Judy A.